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Erik Larsen, Pastor


  Melissa Riches, Student Worker (CCO), Philadelphia University

Todd Scacewater, Business Manager

Alex Avila, Building Manager


From early on, older Christians took responsibility for organizing and encouraging the gathered believers. We’ve formalized this in the role of elder and we look to these men for an example of godliness, generosity, skill with the Bible, hospitality and wisdom. They oversee the souls of the members and often teach, visit, and are involved with public worship. They keep tabs on our finances, facility, staff and partnerships. They help mediate conflict. By sharing burdens and decision making, they provide for a solid institutional structure.


Our deacons lead the church in addressing individual and systemic needs. They meet regularly for oversight of individuals in need, be it financial, educational, psychological, social, spiritual or vocational. Their primary goal is the long-term development of the members and region though at times they assist by way of rehabilitation and short-term relief. This role was also established very early in church history and designed to share the burdens of the entire church with the elders (see above) by focusing on what it looks and feels like to walk in a world of inequality, injustice and hunger.